About Us

The West Africa Centre for Peace Foundation (WACPF) is a non-governmental organization that serves young generations in schools and communities through education of human rights, gender issues, conflict resolution, leadership and peace building in Ghana.

West African Center for Peace Foundation (WACPF) is an official Ghanaian Chapter of PeaceJam Foundation. PeaceJam Foundation, a non-profit (501-C3) organization founded in 1996 in Denver Colorado, is an international education program that connects youth with Nobel Peace Laureates with the goal of creating a generation of young people committed to positive change in themselves, their communities, and the world. During the year-long program, youth study the life and work of the Nobel Peace Laureates and learn about issues such as violence and intolerance facing young people today. Youth then have the unique experience of attending a two-day PeaceJam Youth Conference with the Nobel Peace Laureate. Since 1996, nearly 600,000 youth have participated in the PeaceJam Program across the United States and in eight other countries around the world.


  1. To provide youth with the necessary skills in peace building, leadership and nonviolence
  2. To promote and propagate the teachings of peace and justice to develop young peoples’ understanding and commitments to these concepts
  3. To increase knowledge about different aspects of conflict and to develop lifestyles that promotes conflict resolution
  4. To provide a platform for youth in service to their communities around human right issues

Our Mission

To promote peaceful coexistence and respect for all.

Our Vision

To promote peaceful coexistence and respect for all.