The West Africa Centre for Peace Foundation is committed to creating a thriving communities where there is peace, empathetic, intercultural dialogue, and understanding. We invite you to click on the links below to keep abreast with our approach


The PeaceJam conference are essential components of PeaceJam's programming and provide youth and educators with an inspiring and powerful opportunity to engage face to face with Nobel Peace Laureates. Read more


A one-day conference to kick start the programming year with a keynote from a local community leader. During this event, youth are assigned to different family groups & mentors, service projects & workshops, teambuilding games. Youth also presents the issues identified to worked on during the year towards the two-day conference with the laureate.

Service Projects

Puts youth in an authentic position of being peacemakers and peacebuilders who address the most pressing issues of our time in both local and global communities. Youth implement creative projects that address the root causes of such issues as extreme poverty, disease, racism, violence, environmental degradation, human rights, and the proliferation of weapons. WACPF offers all young people the opportunity to step into powerful leadership roles that will make a lasting and sustainable impact.

Trainings (Teachers & Mentors)

The teacher training retreat is an annual event for adult advisors (Government trained teachers) in-charge of the PeaceJam Clubs in schools. The objective of the training is to bring all advisors from all regions in Ghana together for a refresher course in conflict resolution, conflict managements, communications skills, peacebuilding, capacity strengthening, learn how to implement the PeaceJam curriculum, network, share best practices, strategic planning, acquire new skills and have fun.

Community Engagements

WACPF implements empowering programs that engages community members in harnessing their power of networks, relationships, and information for the public good, precisely on concerns related to civic dialogue and peacebuilding, open and patriotism, women and gender, resilience and sustainable. Our recent community outreach was a project sought to identify the causes of recurring electoral violence among the youths in the Odododiodo constituency with the aim of building trust, restoring relationships, and promoting peaceful co-existence among the youths in the constituency.


WACPF has engaged young people in sports as part of its youth engagements in schools and communities. WACPF also explores the multifaceted role of sports in empowering its youth, mitigating violence, and building resilient communities. Read more