Our Work

The West Africa Centre for Peace Foundation (WACPF) has over the past years impacted on several youths by mentoring, providing skills in peace and conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation, leadership and entrepreneurship as well as engaging them in various community service projects. The training received has inspired them to make a difference in their communities.

Because of our dedication to work, we are rapidly becoming visible in the spectrum of youth organizations in Ghana and West Africa.


WACPF has programmes that promote peace in schools and communities that involves tolerance, respect for the human rights etc

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A standard-based curriculum designed to stimulate youths’ critical thinking skills, strengthen their research skills, increase their conflict resolution and leadership skills, and promote reflection and action.

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A training program designed for community youth groups focus on conflict management, peace building, and reconciliation to build networks of support within the community that empowers and enable young people to take action and make change.

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The West Africa Centre for Peace Foundation (WACPF) will bring relief to the poor, the needy and the vulnerable in society by dispensing relief items, food and related items to the disadvantaged and afflicted.

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